Sunday, October 27, 2013

What? What? A New Blog Post??

         October has almost passed right on by and not a peep from this blogger!  It has been crazy busy as I know you already know.  It seems when back to school time and then Fall hits, there is no time for anything, but I am determined to slow down and smell the apple cider!  (I would've said the pumpkin spice, but I can't figure out what that craze is all about - not a fan of pumpkin! GASP!!!)

      Our school celebrated Red Ribbon Week all last week.  Each day, we had a special day and/or event planned.  Monday, was Wear Red Day.   Look at these little cuties all in their red!

      I also found out on late Sunday into Monday that my DonorsChoose project had been funded by Sonic!  Oh happy day!  It was an even better surprise to find out that it would be delivered within days.  Gotta love DonorsChoose and Sonic!!  Plus, our 2nd grade team was chosen for a Partners in Ed field trip grant!  We were soooo excited!!  

      Tuesday was our World Series of Reading day.  Our fabulous media specialist always plans for all day reading contests within our school during the World Series and the SuperBowl.  She splits up the school into two teams and we read all day!  The kids have a blast and the team with the most points wins a treasure tower token!  They think that is great!!  This year, some of my sweet kiddos I had previously got to come and be buddies with some of my students this year!  

          We also had a door decoration contest.  One of my fabulous parents did this door for me and we came in first place!!!  Love!!!

      All week long, students have been purchasing strips of duct tape to tape our principal to the wall and for a teacher to kiss a goat!  Thank goodness, I didn't win the kiss the goat contest!  I was worried for a minute that I was going to have to do that!  At least, it was a baby and not an adult goat!!!

      Here's our principal stuck to the wall!

      To end up our very busy spirit week, we had a masquerade dance.  Our art teacher had them create masks to wear during the dance.  Students paid for a wristband to get into the dance and then they jammed out for an hour and a half!      Look how cute they are in their masks!

      Now, you can see why I've been an absent blogger!  This is just one week and I know your weeks are like this too!  

      Hope you have an awesome week ahead and remember to slow down and enjoy!

Till next time...

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