Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday...Wait! What? It's Seriously Friday?!?!

      The last Friday of June is among us!  I can't even believe that!  I have always felt that once we get to the 4th of July, summer is almost over...and July 4th is NEXT week!!!!   This year, we don't go back until the middle of August so we get a little more time for sweet summa time!

      Friday also means it's time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!  Whoo-hoo!


      One of the places that is a must visit place {{many times}} is Crystal Springs Recreation.  It is about 35 minutes away and it is a pool that is spring fed.  The water is a constant 66 degrees all year long!  On our H-O-T Georgia days, that feels heavenly!!  Crystal Springs originally opened in 1859!!!  Of course, from the pic, you can tell they have made many improvements over the years!

      On Wednesday, my son had his last double header of the school summer league.  He got to show off his talent in several positions!  In the first game, he got to play 2nd base, pitch, and catch!  In the 2nd game, he just caught.  That's his normal position and I love to see him do his thing behind the plate!

      On Thursday, Mac and I, and my bestie went to the Atlanta Apparel Mart!  This is where all the boutiques get most of their merchandise.  My bestie owned a little children's boutique and we are still considered buyers!  Whoo-hoo!  It's just not summer if we don't make a couple of trips to the mart!!!!!  I hardly EVER pay retail for any type of jewelry!  The JCrew bubble necklaces that sell for $150, I got for $5.99.  That's right - less that 6 bucks!  They have costume jewelry and fine jewelry.  You can see some of the costume jewelry on Mac!  He had to put a little BLING BLING on!

      We also had to have a little lunch while in the ATL so we stopped by Hard Rock Cafe.  It was the first time I had ever been to this Hard Rock!  It's way bigger than it looks and we decided we'd like to live in one of the apartments above it!

      I also have been wanting to dabble in creating QR code activities for Teachers Pay Teachers.  I created this I Spy QR Codes Addition for addition within 100 (no regrouping).  I cannot wait to let my kiddos use it!  The first 3 people to comment with their email addresses will get it free!  Yippey!!!

      Our washer has been acting a little wonky.  The repairman came today and look what he found in the drain hose!  Yuck!  About 4-5 dollars, an earring, paper clips, and the torn off section of an Under Armour shirt!  That's why the washer was acting wonky!  Then, when I went to wash after the repairman left, my washer leaked all over the floor!  Thank goodness I was watching it and caught it before it was horrible!  Needless to say, the repairman is coming back tomorrow!

Sorry for the blurriness! You can still see how yucky!!

      And last, but not least is coming this weekend is...DUH, DUH, DUHMMMMM...the end of Google Reader!  If you haven't followed me over on Bloglovin, please do that before the end of Google Reader as we know it!  You can push that button over on the right OR click on the picture below!  Easy-Peasy!!

      Have a GREAT weekend!!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monday Made-It...Tuesday Post-It

Happy Summer y'all!

I hope you are enjoying your summer and for those of you not quite out yet, I'm soooo sorry!  It's coming soon though from what I hear!  While looking at Instagram, I see many of you still in school!  I can't even imagine!!!

We've been busy around here doing ab-so-lute-ly nothing!! feels good to do nothing!  I can't say I've been a total couch potato because I have been working on a writing unit and dabbling in some QR math centers.

For Monday Made-It with 4th Grade Frolics, I made something I saw on Pinterest {of course!}! It's not a Made-It for the classroom though, but I love it!  During summer, we get to do so many things on our to-do list!  I'm not really sure what to call it so I'll just show this pic!

Nice, huh?!  I really love it!  I put it on the front entryway table.  And, do you see that monarch butterfly right in front?  My step-father hand-carved it and painted it!  It's Wood!!!  It's really hard  to believe because it is SO detailed!

Head over and link up with Tara for. . .


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Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Made-It {#1}

      Hi everyone!  I'm linking up tonight with Tara from Fourth Grade Frolics for her Monday Made-It!


      I've been soooo wanting to make some of those c-u-t-e clipboards that are all over Pinterest and the blogs.  Well...I finally made one!  I absolutely love it!  It is so cute!  Now, it just have to get about 10 more done!

      Sooooo, that may be my Monday Made-Its for the rest of the summer!!  Hahaha!!!!
                                                     Just kidding......... Maybe...............  ;)

Cute, right?!?!

      I also just posted a two new math resources.  One is to guide your math instruction and it is called Math Talk Conversation Stems.  Your math discussions in your class are sooooo important for student understanding!

      The 2nd math resource is 11 Back to School Centers.  I know I just blogged about both of these yesterday, but they still count for Monday Made-It, right?!


      Anyway, go link up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made-It!

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Math Madness and a FREEBIE!

      Happy Sunday, y'all!  It has been an amazing first week off for sweet summertime!  We have mostly been at the baseball field.  My youngest is playing in a summer league for his high school so we get lots of quality time at the good ole ballfield!

      I have been thinking a lot about Back to School.  I know, I know!  But, we all do it!  Our vacation is still a couple of weeks away so I'm still thinking about school.

      Anyway, I've added two new things to my TpT store that I am so excited about!  The first product is a resource to use for your Math Talk.  It is a set of sentence stems that can be used to guide your math discussions.  Common Core demands that we have these math discussions with our students.

      Before I got my masters degree last year in math education, I taught the skill and if they got it right - Whoo-hoo!  Well, that's what I thought anyway, but through my program, I learned so much about what my students were thinking.  I learned that they should discuss and defend their solutions!  Wow, this was just in time for Common Core!  I have really felt a little ahead of the game in my math instruction!  Ha!  Is that even possible in a teacher's world???

This is the first product:

      I'm really excited about these because they can lead to such great math discussions and you can really understand what your students are thinking about their math and clear up any misconceptions if they happen to have any!

      As I said earlier, I am already thinking about Back to School so I decided to revamp some of my beginning of the year math centers.  This is my first time putting them on TpT.  There are 11 different centers ranging in skills from ordering numbers, time, money, math facts, among others.  Each center has a direction page with cards and/or a recording sheet.  I hope you'll check them out!  

      Oh!  If you go to the page and click on PREVIEW, you can snatch a little FREEBIE!  Whoo-hoo!!

      Now, I'm off to enjoy the rest of this evening!

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Currently...June {Can you believe it?}

I'm linking up quickly to do my June Currently! I cannot even believe it's already June!!! This year is trucking right along! 

 Summer will be over before we know it!  I know, "Shut your mouth!!"  And, believe me, I am!!!

My post may look a little funky today...I'm writing it totally with the blogger app. I even did my Currently using an app!  Whoop!! Whoop!!

I am listening to the Braves game. They are currently winning! Go Braves!!

I am LOVING that I do not have to set an alarm for tomorrow morning!!! That is the best feeling!

I have made a huge, HUGE to-do list that I want to get started in soon!!

I am seriously wanting some banana creme cheesecake from The Cheesecake  Factory, but soooooo not needing to eat cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory!!! If only it was low calorie...  ....

My 3 must have vacay essentials are definitely sunscreen, sunglasses, and good reading materials! I burn easily and my eyes are very sun sensitive! And, I want a good book or some fun magazines!!

I hope you are ready for this June!!  What are you up to Currently?

Till next time...
Saturday, June 1, 2013

School's Out for the Summer!!

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      Happy Friday y'all!! OOOPPSS!  Now, it's Saturday!!!  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and Teaching Maddeness for a look back at our week(s)!


      It's been a hot minute since I've been able to blog, but...

      Yipee!!! School is out for the summer!! Today, yesterday was our last day of post-planning! (I've been trying to write this post since last night, but with some tech issues!)  Anyway, we have become so used to getting everything done in like two days, so having four days seemed to drag on and on! We decided to have a bit of some team building activities to pass the time --- roller chair races and wii. We had to sign waivers to make sure that everyone was competing on their own accord and wouldn't claim worker's comp if they got hurt. Yadda...yadda. All the legalities had to be covered! We had SO MUCH FUN!!

      Since I haven't blogged in the last couple of weeks, I'm just going to hit a few of the highlights. It has been jam-packed as I'm sure your weeks have been as well!

      My oldest son turned 20! It is so hard to believe that this sweet baby boy is now a grown man! Treasure your time with your babies. It is true that time truly does fly by! When you're in the midst of it, it doesn't seem that way, but you look back and you wonder how in the world so much time has passed by!

      Our media specialist always shares what she's reading and asked if I had read The Maze Runner.  I had not so she brought it to me.  It's very Hunger Games-ish.  A little strange and hard to get into right away, but if you just keep reading, you just can't put it down.  I have since finished that and moved on the the second book in the trilogy - The Scorch Trials and almost done with that one.  (I have finished now and just waiting for the 3rd!)  It is so good!  I was not planning to even start reading until next week, but I can't put them down!  And then, I found out that they are making it into a movie!  Very cool!  I can't wait to start the third book!
      A few weeks ago, I blogged about the fitness website, Adventure to Fitness, that you can use with your class.  You can read about that here.  I was so excited to get this tweet from them! And...they followed little old me!!  ♥

      Ok, this next little thing happened this week.  Our principal does not like clutter so she highly encourages us to declutter as much as possible during post-planning.  Plus, next summer, they will be renovating our school and we will have to pack up everything and move it out of the building so less stuff = less stuff to pack and move.  I digress coworker was getting rid of this little baby below and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it!  I saw the fabulous Amanda at Teaching Maddeness had one and I absolutely loved it!  It will go in my classroom perfectly, which leads to the next pic...  
    At our staff luncheon, I received the Martha Stewart Award for Best Decorated Classroom.  Cool, huh?  



      Well, that's it for now.  I hope you are enjoying your summer and if you aren't out of school yet, I hope your time passes by quickly and you can enjoy your sweet summer time!!

Till next time...

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