Sunday, June 9, 2013

Math Madness and a FREEBIE!

      Happy Sunday, y'all!  It has been an amazing first week off for sweet summertime!  We have mostly been at the baseball field.  My youngest is playing in a summer league for his high school so we get lots of quality time at the good ole ballfield!

      I have been thinking a lot about Back to School.  I know, I know!  But, we all do it!  Our vacation is still a couple of weeks away so I'm still thinking about school.

      Anyway, I've added two new things to my TpT store that I am so excited about!  The first product is a resource to use for your Math Talk.  It is a set of sentence stems that can be used to guide your math discussions.  Common Core demands that we have these math discussions with our students.

      Before I got my masters degree last year in math education, I taught the skill and if they got it right - Whoo-hoo!  Well, that's what I thought anyway, but through my program, I learned so much about what my students were thinking.  I learned that they should discuss and defend their solutions!  Wow, this was just in time for Common Core!  I have really felt a little ahead of the game in my math instruction!  Ha!  Is that even possible in a teacher's world???

This is the first product:

      I'm really excited about these because they can lead to such great math discussions and you can really understand what your students are thinking about their math and clear up any misconceptions if they happen to have any!

      As I said earlier, I am already thinking about Back to School so I decided to revamp some of my beginning of the year math centers.  This is my first time putting them on TpT.  There are 11 different centers ranging in skills from ordering numbers, time, money, math facts, among others.  Each center has a direction page with cards and/or a recording sheet.  I hope you'll check them out!  

      Oh!  If you go to the page and click on PREVIEW, you can snatch a little FREEBIE!  Whoo-hoo!!

      Now, I'm off to enjoy the rest of this evening!

Till next time...



  1. I am so excited to check these out! We are starting math talks next year...I did them at my old school but I need some more resources! Thanks! Also, I am thinking about getting my masters in math education!
    Two Friends In First

    1. Hi Kheila! Thanks so much! I would definitely encourage you to pursue your masters in math ed. if it is anything like the program I just went through!! Some of my coworkers across our county are struggling and I feel like the ones who've had this program are a step ahead!

      Good luck!

  2. I saw your clipboard on Instagram:) Love it! I would love it if you would also link it up to my blog Monday Made It linky:) (if you want to;0 ) You can link up this post too:) Looks awesome:)

    4th Grade Frolics

    1. Thanks Tara! I was actually just about to do just that! Thanks so much for the encouragement!!

  3. LOVE your clipboard!! So stinkin cute! I'm your newest follower and I enjoy following you on instagram!


    One Fab Teacher


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