Friday, January 31, 2014

Five for Friday: Snowmageddon 2014

Hi everyone!  I know, I know, it's been a while!  A LOONNGG while!!!  I'm here to do a quick Five for Friday post ---the Snowmageddon 2014 edition!

Here in Georgia, it has been absolutely cray-cray!  I'm sure you've seen the news!  People were stuck on the interstates, kids stuck in buses and at school...  But, out of all the horrible things, there have been lots of stories of heroes!  This picture says it all though:

We went to school on Monday and planned for an early release day on Tuesday ahead of the storm.  We waited all day for the storm to arrive.  Well, not really.  We waited until about 12:30.  We had a little wintry mix, but by the time we dismissed just 30 minutes later we had full-blown SNOW!  We hadn't seen snow for about 2 years so excitement was abounding!!  All of our school system's students made it home in plenty of time before it got really bad in our county!  Thank goodness!

We were really down in attendance on Tuesday however.  We really couldn't do a whole lot so we did all things snow-related.  We wrote about snow, made snowflakes, measured the temperature, etc...  Here is a little picture of our 3D snowflakes that we made.  

Mainly because of ice, we did not have students Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.  I don't remember ever being out this many days for snow/ice!!  In the meantime, we got to go sledding!  I absolutely LOVE to sled!  I met up with one of my kiddos at the local park for some sledding on the golf course!  (Her mom is also our media specialist.)  
That's ME going head first!  And, my son trying snow-boarding!

Today, staff had to go in at 11.  I got a good bit done!  I think I'm caught up!  Haha!!!!! Said, no teacher EVER!!!

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Thanks to Ideas by Jivey for this graphic!
Wipe some of those things off your Wish List!

Till next time...                                      


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