Sunday, May 28, 2017

Go Googley...with Google Certifications

Happy SundayY'all!

I've had a lot of people ask me about "Going Google," and I can truly say it has been a great learning experience.
Our district became a Google Apps district many years ago! While still in my classroom, my principal  forced ... encouraged us to use Google! I am so glad she did because my knowledge of Google helped me land the job I have now!

Way back in 2014, I became a Google Educator. In order to become a Google Educator, I had to pass a series of five tests - one for Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and I chose to take Chrome and Chromebooks. Each test cost $15 each and took about 90 minutes to take.

Then, they did away with Google Educator...

My colleague, Leslie, and I decided that we wanted to try to become a Google Trainer so through an intensive application process, she and I were chosen to be Google Trainers! That has been an amazing experience because we get to share the greatness of Google with others!

Since becoming a Google Trainer, I have thought of trying to become a Google Innovator, but first, I had to become a Level 1 and Level 2 Educator. These two new titles became the replacement for Google Educator that I had completed back in 2014. I was all gung-ho to take my Level 2 test in April of 2016, and... I failed.   

So I had no hope of applying for that round of Google Innovator. I think I got a bit overconfident, and felt like I didn't need to go over the training. Words of wisdom: Do the training -- no matter how much you think you know about Google!

So a whole year goes by, and I procrastinate taking the Level 2 test again until finally I decided that it is not going to take itself. I begin by taking doing ALL the training for Level 1 educator, and then taking that test. Google gives you three hours to take this test. I finished in two hours. They validate the test as soon as you finish so for those few minutes that they are validating is torture!!

The next day, I began doing the training for the Level 2 test. Again, after I did ALL the training, I took the Level 2 test, annnnnddddd...I passed!  

Google gives you three hours to complete this test too, and finished in two hours 45 minutes. Again, it was torture as they validated my work, but WHOO-HOO, I passed! I did both tests within the span of about two weeks, and I only had about two weeks left in the window to submit my Google Innovator application.

I had already been toying with my video and vision deck already, but I wanted everything to be perfect! With that being said, I submitted my application a couple of days again. I had a pit in my stomach as I hit the submit button. Now, I am anxiously waiting for next week, June 6th, to be exact, when they will announce the latest cohort for Google Innovator in Washington, D.C. #WDC17

Till next time...


  1. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that you will be accepted in the Google Innovator program!

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