Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Hot Mess

      The first week is in the books and believe me, I have been a HOT MESS!  I thought I was only going to have 25 new sweeties, but in walked number 26 on Monday morning!  That is a little scary, having sooo many, but we'll make it through!  They are all so sweet!

I'm checking in very quickly today to tell you about an awesome giveaway that Sara over at Smiling in Second Grade is having.  It is for a personal laminator!  Wow!  That would be amazing to have at home for all those quick jobs!!  Hop over to her blog to enter!!  Good luck!

We're off to Stone Mountain to enjoy the afternoon!

Till next time...


  1. So how did it go? I started with 15, went up to 17, dropped back down to 15 and come Tuesday morning I'll have 24 and a team teacher. No sweat.

    1. Wowsa!!!! That is a big jump from 15 to 24! Good luck tomorrow! It's almost like you will be starting over with the first day again!!!

      My class is going! They are all super sweet!!! Thank goodness, right???


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