Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bittersweet Tomorrow and a Freebie

So tomorrow is the first day of school and I am super nervous/jittery!  Our pre-planning week went by without a hitch, but WOWZA was I ever exhausted!

I think I have my room ready to meet my 25 new little sweeties!  They all seemed sweet and excited about the new year when I met them for Open House.  I'm just have a few bittersweet feelings though.  It's going to be so strange when I walk into my class and I don't have the same class I've had for two years!  We started out in 1st together and we all moved up to 2nd together!  We had become such a little family and we could definitely have used some therapy on that last day of school!  Even my boys were boo-hooing!!

Anyway, I think I am ready!  Well, ready or not, here they come, right?!?!

I'm offering up a little freebie today too.  I always post a little welcome poem on the board outside my classroom door.  I've, of course, created it with an owl theme this year.  I've also included grades pre-k through 5th. 

Hope you like them!

 Till next time...
Wish me luck!!!! 


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