Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener

       Well, I finally did it!  I broke down and bought one of the pencil sharpeners from
Classroom Friendly Supplies!  My pencil sharpener at school is a beast and we have such a hard time with it... so I decided to just order it!  I can't wait to receive it!  I have heard absolute raves about it! 

How many of you have one?  Do you like it? 

Would you like to win one???

      If you would like to a chance to win one, head over to Classroom Friendly Supplies for your chances!

Good luck!!

Till next time...


  1. LOVE mine! I've already had several parents & coworkers ask how to get one. Awesome :)

    First Grade Fairytales

    1. Since it has been delivered, I have sharpened soooo many pencils!!!


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