Saturday, February 2, 2013

Where, oh where has this blogger gone?

Where, oh where has this blogger gone?  
Oh, where, oh where could she be?

       I really have NO excuse, except that life got in the way...Oh, nothing life shattering, just life.  I should have had plenty of time since I finished up my masters degree in the summer.  Lots of extra time, right?  Well, I found plenty of things to fill that time! 
     Learning the new Common Core standards and incorporating our state frameworks into it has been really easy really kicked my boo-hoo!!  Plus, we have two new administrators and have been trying to keep up with them.  I know, I know...excuses, excuses!!  I have missed you guys and I hope to do better!

     On another note...Does anyone do the Rigby assessment?  This has replaced the Houghton Mifflin Assessement that our school has done in the past.  I was asked to help train some teachers at our school to administer it.  I really do like it.  It is a bit time consuming, but I think that the information gained is very informative in helping teachers form their small groups for guided reading.  It gives you an indication of their accuracy level as well as their comprehension level.  From completing the Rigby, my reading groups have changed somewhat and I have had some students completing some independent study activities.  At first, I was just having them complete some different activities that I already had on hand, but then I came up with some menu-type activities that I could use on a rotational type basis.  They have really loved them!  Some of my other students are asking, "When can we do independent study," which, of course, is awesome!  I have not used them with any other group other than my top readers.  They are reading on high 4th and 5th grade level, but they could be used with any students.


 Hope you can use this in your classroom!

Till next time...and I hope it won't be so long!


  1. So glad you are back! I missed hearing from you!



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