Monday, July 9, 2012

Great Ideas Gone Awry...and a FREEBIE

Most of you have seen a ton of great ideas on Pinterest, me included.  I had some great idea of painting one of my bookshelves and modge-podging some cute scrapbook paper on the inside.  Well...I really wanted to post some cute pics for you, but it did not turn out picture worthy.  In fact, I took all the paper off because it looked SOOO horrendous!

Tomorrow, I plan to get into my classroom to start the decorating process. That is, right after I have storytime with the Chick-fil-a cow at our local Chick-fil-a.  That should be an experience!!  I'll take get someone to take some pictures of that for me!  I'll also get some pics of my classroom to show the progression.

Now, for the freebie!  I've been working for a little bit today getting my back to school forms ready for the new year!  I jazzed them up just a little for this year.  I hope you like them!

Here's the link to download from my teacherspayteachers site:

I haven't learned how to embed the link into the pic, but that'll come!

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  1. what does ASP mean on your info card?

  2. It stands for After School Program.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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