Monday, July 16, 2012

On a personal note...

          I spent the weekend at the youngest Harris son's baseball tournament!  He's 13.  His team came in 2nd after 3 games of baseball (SIX hours!!!) on Sunday in the horrible heat! I am so proud of these boys.  They have really worked hard and the team that beat them for the championship displayed less than admirable sportsmanship.  Despite this, they held their ground and we (the parents) were so proud!  It really is nice to see the fine young men that they are becoming!  They even won rings for this tournament!  This was a first!
Pretty nice, huh!?

          I also wanted to tell you a little about myself.  You'd think I would have done that in my first post...Oh, well!!
          I am a veteran teacher.  I've been teaching for 22 years.  Wow!  In some ways, it feels like I just got started, but in others, it feels like forever.  I'm glad I still feel excited about teaching!  I love getting ready for the new year!  I taught 2nd grade for 10 years in another county.  I came home to teach in my home county and have been at this same school now for 12 years.  This first year at my current school, I taught 2nd which was awesome!  Then, my principal asked me to move to either 1st or 3rd.  I chose 1st.  I spent 10 years in 1st!  Then, this amazing class came along and I asked to loop up to 2nd with them.  This was last year.  This little group of sweeties was amazing!  All year long, I dreaded the last day!  And for good reason too!  We all needed a bit of therapy when the last bell rang!  It was heart-wrenching!  One of my little girls even cried herself to sleep I was told!!
          My awesome family includes my husband (my high school sweetheart), two boys (ages 13 and 19), and one sweet little Yorkie, Tiger.  My oldest son is in college, while my youngest will begin high school this upcoming year!  Where, of where has the time gone?!?!  We are constantly on the go and we love it!
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