Friday, July 13, 2012

My Classroom in progress and Shopping!!

My boys and I were supposed to go to a water park today, but the rain got in the way so what do we do but go to school and work.  They were not thrilled, but the promise of going twice next week brought them around.

I've included some pics of my classroom in progress, and believe me, it is definitely a work in progress.  I had to move classrooms this year.  I really didn't HAVE to move...just call me a glutton for punishment.  Really, it was just that I'd be closer to my team and I gained five additional feet in the length of my room.  That makes a HUGE difference as you all know!

This is toward the back of the room from the front door.
This is toward the front of the room a few feet from the front door.

This is toward the far side and the back of the room.  My students and I love our cozy reading center!

 As you can see, I have my work cut out for me!  Our system is on a 4 day work week during the summer so I won't make it to school tomorrow!

While my sweet hubby took my youngest son to baseball practice, my oldest son and I went shopping.  He is 19 and not too thrilled to be classroom shopping with mom, but he went.  He's really a sweetie! This my haul!

 I want to make the tubs in my math manipulatives area all uniform so off to DollarTree we went!  On the way, I decided to check out Dollar General.  I am so glad I did!  They had some really cute stuff!
From Dollar General:
The blue and pink tubs in the back, I plan to use with my Brain Bubbles.  I'll use these for enrichment and for students who finish early.  The pink will go with ELA and the blue will go with math.  These two colors match what I have going on in reading and math already.  The pink wire baskets will be used to hold papers for our writing.  I also got some tacky stuff to put my stuff on the wall and some spray adhesive.  I'm just not too excited about those so they didn't make it in the pics! 
From DollarTree:
I got the blue-topped shoe boxes to store my math manipulatives.  I also got those three sectioned storage trays with tops to store my base ten blocks for my groups.  This has been all over Pinterest.  I plan to put my base ten blocks in there and my groups can pull them out as needed.

Wow!  This is my longest post so far!  I hope you stuck it out with me!

Till next time...


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