Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Expo Removes Sharpie...Who Knew?!

      As I was looking on Pinterest, (♥) I saw where you could remove Sharpie marker with an Expo marker!   WHAT, WHAT???!!!

      It  looked so simple and easy that of course, I had to try it!  All you do is completely cover the Sharpie writing with Expo and then, wipe it off!  It is really that easy!!

This is part of my helper chart and now 2 years later, I have this little girl's brother!  I just really HATE to drag out the cleaner/nail polish remover to clean it!  Since I had extras, I just never did...until now!

Completely scribble all over the writing!

Grab a paper towel and start wiping!  You really don't have to wipe hard at all!

Look how it is just coming right off - - - - permanent marker, who knew?!?!

And, here it is!  Completely gone!!

      Did any of you know  this great trick?  

Do you have any tips or tricks that would make a 
teacher's life sooooo much easier?

Till next time...


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