Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fraturday Flashback!

      I am a day late linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and Teaching Maddeness so it's officially a Fraturday linkup!  Better late than never, right?!?!


Soooo, I hope your week week was fabulous!  Here is a rundown of mine....

    I got to celebrate with one of our teacher's on Monday for her 50th birthday!  We had such a fun time with food, fun, and fellowship!  It's nice just to hang out with my coworkers, because we NEVER get to just talk!  When we're at school, it is a constant go, go, go!  I know you can relate!

      Our school is part of a program called Healthmpowers.  We have to complete a lot of health activities as well as fitness things.  We have to track our time, and the more time our school logs, the more materials they give us!  Pretty cool, huh?  One of the programs that Healthmpowers does for us is brings the Body Walk to our school.  The students get to travel through the body and learn about the different organs and how to stay healthy!  It is really cool and the kids LOVE it! 

      We also got to have field day this week!  I told you it was a busy week!  Ha!  I had not been feeling good  this week so I was really dreading field day!  But, I woke up feeling some better.  It was a beautiful day and my class was SO, SO sweet the entire day!  There was no meanness, just preciousness all day long!  Loved it!  

So Much Fun!

       And last, but not least...I am finally on SPRING BREAK y'all!!!!  After all these weeks of you guys enjoying your spring break, mine has finally arrived!  I cannot wait to wake up to NO alarm clock!  Sleeping is one of my favorite things!  We have no big plans for the beginning of the week, but later in the week, we are heading to the beach for a little R & R!  So excited!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Till next time...     


  1. Hi there Robin!
    Great blog! Thanks for visiting me...just stopped by to check you out. Have a GREAT vacation!
    A Burst of First

  2. Enjoy your week!


  3. Wow!! Just now, Spring Break???!! Enjoy your time!

    Sweet n Sassy in 2nd


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