Monday, July 1, 2013

Currently...It's Monday Made-It {July 1}

      Two of my most favorite linkys happen today!

Farley's Currently ANNNDDDD, it's time for Tara's Monday Made-It!!

First up-----July's Currently!

      Currently, I'm listening to Duck Dynasty.  Who doesn't love that show?!  It just makes you Happy, Happy, Happy to see such a fun family!

      I'm loving summer, but man!  It needs to seriously SLOW down!!  I mean, come on!  It's July already!  It seems like I was just doing Roller Chair Races for the end of post-planning just yesterday!  

      I am seriously longing for the beach, but it will have to wait!  We aren't going for another couple of weeks!  {Big sigh, right there!}

      Last night I did need to go to bed, but what was I doing?  Creating my Currently instead.  

      In this whole blogging experience, you should always make sure you are having fun and definitely be yourself!!  If you're not doing either of those, you won't enjoy it like you should and it will become a chore!

      Now, onto Monday Made-It!  


Monday Made-it #1:

      I've been wanting to do some dabbling in creating things for my classroom using QR codes sooooo.... this week, I made some an awesome little set that I plan on letting them use during math centers.  They are for addition within 100 with no regrouping!  They can be used in some many different ways!  Love them and I think my students will absolutely love these!!  If you would like them for free, be the first 3 to comment!! :)

Monday Made-It #2:

      Ok, so I found this great magnetic board last week.  I didn't get it and it has been on my mind ever since.  So, today, back to TJMax!  I think it is great!  The finish is kind of a turquoise that has been roughed up a bit.  Shabby chic love!  

      This beauty didn't come with any magnets and I've been wanting to make these glass blob magnets.  This was the perfect time!  I had some cute scrapbook paper and some peel and stick magnets.  I stuck the magnet on the scrapbook paper and cut around it.  Then, I placed a dab of hot glue on the the scrapbook paper side of the magnet and stuck the glass blob right on top, pressed down, and Voila!  A cute little magnet for my new board.  I can't wait to hang it in my classroom!

Just noticed I need to trim up that chevron one!  Ha!

Head over to Farley and Tara's to check out their awesome linkys!

Till next time...


  1. Too funny... Our "loving" sections are basically the same! We're glad to find your blog, super cute! We just might be making those magnets too!

  2. I love that magnetic board. You sound like a lot like me, I kinda wait before buying things sometimes and then I can't get it off my mind until I buy it, lol

    Cute blog!
    One Happy Teacher

  3. Cute! We learned a little about QR codes in a workshop. Hope to implement those this year.
    Love the magnets & board!

  4. I am so sad to be the 4th comment-er (not sure if that is a word or not..haha) :( My 6th graders would LOVE the QR stuff. I'm going to try it out this year and see how it goes...I'm your newest follower :)


  5. Our email is

  6. Love your magnet board and the magnets you made. Bet they will look great in your classroom.

    rubberboots and elf shoes

  7. I'm not one of the first three.....sniff sniff.....but I love the idea you have for the QR codes and math. I have heard of teachers

    1. Using QRcodes but I could not see how. This is very cool and I'm sure very engaging for the students. Good idea and good execution. I always get such great ideas from all these great teacher bloggers. ;)


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