Monday, July 1, 2013

Sunday Funday - {Let's Get Acquainted - June 30th}

So, who else is excited that LaToya's linky, Let's Get Acquainted, is back?  I have missed it!

I think this is one of my favorites too!

      I'm going to do the first column.  

      I went to West Georgia College way back when.  Now, the school has a new name and a new mascot.  They are now the University of West Georgia.  I tried really hard to find an old logo, but no deal, so here is a new one.  

      I absolutely loved college life and it's so hard to pick a favorite memory, but since I have to pick...  In my sorority (Kappa Delta) we were having a "Cops and Robbers" social with another fraternity.  One of my sisters and I wanted to be convicts so we marched ourselves to the local jail, met with the sheriff, and walked out with TWO prisoner uniforms!!  We were the HIT of the party!  No one could believe that we actually went to the sheriff's department!  Fun times!! 

Ok, so don't look at the date!  I know I'm O-L-D!!

      Share about my first year...Wowza!  It was a doozy!  I was in 2nd grade, which is great, buuutttttt, I was 2 weeks in and had to completely move rooms - - - - in one day!!!  Can you say stressed??  Of course, some of you I read have had to move grades!  EEEEKKKK!!!  
      Anyway, the group I had was a zoo!  And, on Nov. 18th, it became even more of a zoo!  A little boy walked in my class and changed it forever!  My closet door was kicked in, he threw things, he hit others, you name it, he did it!  The next year, he became self-contained EBD, but we both made it through, but I swore that if I ever had a boy, he would NOT be named this boy's name!!!  

      Ok, so I only have experience in the lower grades, but my favorite by a long shot is 2nd.  There is something about them that I just absolutely love.  They can be independent, but at the same time, they still love their teacher and want to please them.  I love the curriculum and that we are still able to have fun along the way!!

      I told you it was a great linky!  Now link up with Latoya and join in!  LaToya asks that you read the post from the person before you and after you in the linky and show them some love by commenting, following, or giving them a shout out etc.

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  1. Great college picture! I'm older than you! What a fun post !

    1. Thanks Sandy! We had a great time!!

  2. Oh the names that have been ruined by naughty children! LOL! After years of teaching, I had to be very selective naming my two boys :)
    Creating a Thoughtful Classroom

    1. Isn't that the truth, Karli?! I have two boys too and yes, we had to be very selective too!


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